Enhance Your
Natural Beauty

Ottawa Cosmetic Clinic providing Botox Cosmetic and Filler treatment exclusively by Dr. Christina.

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Dr. Christina

Cosmetic MD

As a physician first, I strive to provide each one of my clients with exceptional care. During our initial consultation, we will dive into your goals and explore your areas of concern so we can collaborate to choose an effective treatment plan that enhances and accentuates your natural beauty.

Dr. Christina in her office.

How Dr. Christina is Different

Working with Dr. Christina
Owner invested and experienced physician-injector only. Advanced Certified injector doctor by the College of Family Physician and Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetic (CAAM)
Direct line of communication and in-person consultations
Reliable post-care follow up
Personalized and safely prescribed treatment to avoid overtreating
Discrete, calming and private environment


Other Clinics
Industry- based trained providers
Multiple points of contact, videoconference consultations
No follow up care
Pre-package treatment “one size fits all bundle”
Public, exposed and busy space
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Ignite Self-Confidence 

Minimize expression lines and wrinkles by smoothing your skin with a non-invasive Botox Cosmetic® treatment plan or opt for a facial rejuvenation using Juvederm® fillers. We will collaborate to devise an action plan that ignites your self-confidence and leaves you feeling energized. 

Your Space for Relaxation

Upon arrival, you will enter through a private entrance where you will be greeted by a calm, relaxing, and welcoming oasis. I am committed to providing each one of my clients with exceptional care and I promise you will leave the clinic feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

Dr. Christina's office.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty